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Heerlijk logeren in een hotel in Deventer
Heerlijk logeren in een hotel in Deventer

Van Deventer tot Barcelona

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Al eens in hotels in Barcelona verbleven? Iets helemaal anders dan Deventer natuurlijk, dat wel, maar toch, voor mij kan het niet afwisselend genoeg zijn!

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Enjoying the North Sea in a hotel in Noordwijk aan Zee!

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Hotel in Noordwijk aan Zee has two avenues: the modern Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard north of Huis ter dune and the more traditional Koningin Astrid Boulevard south thereof. The first most catering facilities. At over 13 km long beach are 18 beach pavilions (april-sept.), one in the Dune Damse and one at the Long our hotel. The Blue Flag is an international quality label is awarded annually to resorts that are committed to a clean, environmentally friendly and safe swimming environment. For tourists and holiday-The Blue Flag is the symbol of international recognition for good beaches. Rated among other sanitary facilities, bathing water, facilities for disabled people and the beach is clean.

Hotel in Noordwijk
is owned by the international label for coastal communities, the Quality Coast Award . The Award was established with support from the European Union and is the only official recognition for sustainable tourism resorts as a whole. hotel Noordwijk aan Zee is proud of the diverse range of visitors what they can offer. The pavilions can be a window and chair hire but you can also enjoy the terrace with a drink or stay a delicious meal. On the beach are 3 Noordwijkse associations, ie sailing, coastal surf club and a visvereniging.

Noordwijk hotels
has 2 kite surfing school where beginners can take lessons kiters. Near exit 17 (left of the Noordwijkse Reddingsbrigade) is a beach library. Beach visitors (domestic and foreign) there may be a free booklet or an I-pod to lend their stay on the beach to experience.

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Holiday in a hotel in Namen, Belgium

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A holiday in a hotel in Namen? Why not? The Ardennes, divided into the provinces of Liege, Namur and Luxembourg, are an excellent destination for relaxation and adventure. In terms of activities, there is plenty to take long walks, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, caving, rock climbing, abseiling and, in winter, skiing. Or challenge yourself with a "survival" course.The most beautiful part of Belgium, the southeast of the Ardennes. Enjoy nature in a very varied landscape: vast pastures, forests, hills, valleys, rivers and rugged rocks.This rocky hills, as you will see during your stay in a hotel in Namen with its many rivers and streams is ideally suited for a time from South Limburg a day trip to take. Namur is located where the River Sambre at Meuse flows. It is the capital of Wallonia and the capital of the province of Namur. The city has almost 107,000 inhabitants and is located approximately 65 km southeast of Brussels. Because the city is built in a valley, there was in the 20th century a strong expansion occurred on the right bank of the Meuse, in the town Jambes. In the municipal reorganization of 1977 was Jambes and some other surrounding towns, with names attached. Staying in a hotel Namen is really an experience in itself, I had never thought that I by Walloon city would become charmed.If you're close to home here in the real world in a completely different landscape.

The area has so much variety that you always consecutive years, surprising new parts can discover. Even with the mention of elements such as rivers at rocks, mounds of dark green forests, typical villages and small towns, marshes and moors, abbeys and castles, the Ardennes has not fully done.Because it is the whole atmosphere of the sometimes rough, sometimes charmingly gentle country and above the bright light of a voorjaarsdag and rural charm that is as unforgettable holiday. And there is always variation. Because the three Ardennes-Liège, hotel Namen and Luxembourg still have each their own traits and the towns and cities have their special atmosphere . Section is different from Charleroi, Namur differs from Bergen, Spa with its forested area has different options than the Malmédy intimate with his art.

From Hotel Namur you immediately where you need if you are addicted to all the good things in life!Staying in one of hotels Namen means tests of history by visiting one of the forts, castles or abbeys. Look inside a church in a charming old town, or visit one of the caves. Gourmets and food lovers can go to one of the many restaurants. All hotels in Namur to play this very well from tourism assets.

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Heerlijke vakantie in een hotel in Middelburg!

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In addition to business services, trade and industry in Middelburg an important role for tourism, as I have during my short but powerful holiday in a hotel in Middelburg good brands. The many monuments in conjunction with the events and the shops that Middelburg a real attraction for tourists is.

Many hotels in Middelburg, these assets at a particularly charming way and inform you where ever needed on the beauty of their city and surrounding region .For example, a walk or a tour of the Town Hall well interspersed with shopping or a stopover on a terrace or in one of the many cafés or restaurants. Also on the calendar of events for all tastes. In a hotel Middelburg so you can not get bored!The Gothic Town Hall of Middelburg is definitely worth (was at a stone's throw from my Middelburg Hotel) The abbey with Koorkerk and the Abbey Tower were beautiful.

In the north of the city is also famous Miniature Walcheren, a park that is comparable Madurodam and striking Walcheren buildings on a scale of 1:20 have been reconstructed. At the reception of my hotel Middelburg could I do a lot of info about everything what's happening in the city and wider, in Zealand, to experience it.

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Staying in a hotel in the fascinating city of Deventer

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Staying in a monumental city with an age old history, close to a river? You can, the only thing you need to do is book a stay in a hotel in Deventer! This city by the river Ijssel belongs to the five oldest cities in Holland, a fact that is easily noticed by the street pattern for example. Deventer, and especially the historical inner city, strongly focuses on tourism so the number of hotels Deventer is quite elaborate. The Brink, a long stretched market square with trees and terraces on the sides, is the largest square in the Netherlands and lies beatifully in the middle of the city. Spending the night in a Deventer hotel clos to the Brink, is one of the best guarantees for a charming and unforgettable weekend! A holiday in a city by a river always has something special, something fresh, something joyful and playful. In Deventer, this is absolutely the case, so you have to book your stay in a hotel Deventer now! A sparkling and buzzing city with a unique historical feel, in a beautiful natural decor! In what follows, you can read about my experiences with a 2 star, a 3 star and a 4 star hotel.

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From Deventer to Flanders

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Many of the most beautiful and historically valuable Flemish Cities are easily reached after leaving Deventer. Just like Deventer, they all offer tourists countless of possibilities. A stay in a hotel Brugge for example is totally recommende, this marvellous and stunningly beautiful medieval town is not surprisingly called Venice of the North. Millions of people each year choose to stay at least one or two nights in a hotel Brugge. Antwerp has many excellent hotels Antwerpen to offer too. Every visitor to this majestic city will definitely be charmed by it, however long they decide to stay in their Antwerpen hotel. Spending time in a Brussels hotel will also please you historically, culturally, architecturally and gastronomically. After having left Deventer, those marvellous Flemish cities are not far away at all, so you can easily go for a weekend or longer in Bruges, Antwerp or Brussels!

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Other interesting Dutch cities

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After your stay in Deventer t's fairly easy to go and see other interesting cities, like Rotterdam or Eindhoven. There are many excellent hotels in Amsterdam varying from luxury hotels in Amsterdam to more budget friendly ones. Staying in a hotel in Rotterdam or a Eindhoven hotel is also a great option after you have left Deventer. Rotterdam hotels will let you get to know a true metropolis, while your stay in a Eindhoven hotel will show more resemblance with a stay in a historical but contemporary provincial city, packed with shops, cosy bars and terraces and lovely restaurants.

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Royal Hotel Deventer

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You can find this 2 star Royal Hotel Deventer in the middle of the city centre, making it the ideal starting point to explore this wonderful city. Excellent Dutch or exotic meals or just a cup of coffee? No worries, the Grand Café of this hotel Deventer is there for you 24/7! When the sun is shining, the terrace is totally it, and in the evening and at night the rooms of Hotel Royal make you immediately forget all your worries!

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Sandton Ijsselhotel

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This fairytale like hotel opened its doors as a luxury design hotel just recently. The Sandton Ijsselhotel lies in a unique and beautifully restored and refurbished 19th century mansion. Both the rooms with terrace and the excellent restaurant of this Deventer hotel let you enjoy an unforgettable view over the historical city centre and the river Ijssel (hence the name of this hotel). Only a few steps away from Sandton Ijsselhotel there's plenty of historical and cultural treasures to be discoverd. A stay in Deventer is an absolute must!

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Sandton Hotel Gilde

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The Sandton Hotel Gilde is a hotel with an intriguing and rich history and brings you right in the very heart of the old city of Deventer. This hotel Deventer used to be a traditional pastory, only two centuries ago. Today many remains of that period are still intact, but the hotel as a whole breathes a very sparkling and contemporate atmosphere. Sandton Hotel Gilde welcomes you the whole year round and is without exaggeration one of the best starting points to get to know the fascinating city of Deventer!

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