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Heerlijk logeren in een hotel in Deventer - Holiday in a hotel in Namen, Belgium
Heerlijk logeren in een hotel in Deventer

Holiday in a hotel in Namen, Belgium

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A holiday in a hotel in Namen? Why not? The Ardennes, divided into the provinces of Liege, Namur and Luxembourg, are an excellent destination for relaxation and adventure. In terms of activities, there is plenty to take long walks, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, caving, rock climbing, abseiling and, in winter, skiing. Or challenge yourself with a "survival" course.The most beautiful part of Belgium, the southeast of the Ardennes. Enjoy nature in a very varied landscape: vast pastures, forests, hills, valleys, rivers and rugged rocks.This rocky hills, as you will see during your stay in a hotel in Namen with its many rivers and streams is ideally suited for a time from South Limburg a day trip to take. Namur is located where the River Sambre at Meuse flows. It is the capital of Wallonia and the capital of the province of Namur. The city has almost 107,000 inhabitants and is located approximately 65 km southeast of Brussels. Because the city is built in a valley, there was in the 20th century a strong expansion occurred on the right bank of the Meuse, in the town Jambes. In the municipal reorganization of 1977 was Jambes and some other surrounding towns, with names attached. Staying in a hotel Namen is really an experience in itself, I had never thought that I by Walloon city would become charmed.If you're close to home here in the real world in a completely different landscape.

The area has so much variety that you always consecutive years, surprising new parts can discover. Even with the mention of elements such as rivers at rocks, mounds of dark green forests, typical villages and small towns, marshes and moors, abbeys and castles, the Ardennes has not fully done.Because it is the whole atmosphere of the sometimes rough, sometimes charmingly gentle country and above the bright light of a voorjaarsdag and rural charm that is as unforgettable holiday. And there is always variation. Because the three Ardennes-Liège, hotel Namen and Luxembourg still have each their own traits and the towns and cities have their special atmosphere . Section is different from Charleroi, Namur differs from Bergen, Spa with its forested area has different options than the Malmédy intimate with his art.

From Hotel Namur you immediately where you need if you are addicted to all the good things in life!Staying in one of hotels Namen means tests of history by visiting one of the forts, castles or abbeys. Look inside a church in a charming old town, or visit one of the caves. Gourmets and food lovers can go to one of the many restaurants. All hotels in Namur to play this very well from tourism assets.

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Kiezen voor een verblijf in een hotel in Deventer is één van de allerbeste garanties op een onvergetelijk verblijf in een historische stad! Genieten is hier de boodschap!
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